Freedom Farm Manual

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  • Grow More Than 100 Pounds Of Delicious Food – In just a 4 foot by 4 foot space, with 1 gardening tool, and no skills.
  • The Blatant Truth About “Free Seeds,” – A few simple tips will get you all you can handle, never needing to worry about GMO poisons.
  • How To Grow Your Garden In Complete Secret- If you food can be found, you not independent, you’ll learn a trick to have plenty of food that NO ONE KNOWS EXISTS.
  • No Effort Pro Gardner Technique – You’ll use this if your over 70, can barely walk, but still want a thriving garden of delicious food.
  • 3 Secret Healthy Growth Ingredients –  You’ll need these 3 ingredients to make sure you have strong healthy fast growing food, in any condition, and without them, you’ll have to pack up and go back to the disaster food lines.
  • Lazy Food Trick – Never lift a shovel and plant a 4 foot gardens, accelerated growth garden in 1 DAY!
  • The “Frost Free Garden,” – You’ll love this for a colder area, as you will be able to grow a weather proof garden, even faster then in the tropics (no matter what food you desire!)
  • And much much MORE!

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Inside The Family Defense Network you’ll have access to an 11 Book Survival Library on 11 different Weapons, Survival, And Safety categories (Plus an immediate downloadable copy of the Freedom Farm Manual, headed to your house)…