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  • The REAL DEAL – G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has been approved by the U.S. Army for the 21st Century – Mil Spec MIL-PRF-63460E.
  • USED BY SEALS G96 is approved by the most stringent Military Test given by ARDEC. ARDEC’s 3 year testing process assures your gun will fire over long periods of time while faced with harmful elements, saltwater and dust, and NEVER misfire (Navy Seals that need to have guns in and out of salt water, USE THIS FIRST.)
  • “NON SOLVENT,” CLP OIL The problem with typical CLP gun oils, is they contain harsh chemical solvents that make the gun oil sticky, tacky and a magnet for dust. G96 has a “secret sauce,” that cleans your gun with no solvent’s so you can fire FOREVER without every worrying about clogs or jams.
  • TRIPLE CLP TECHNOLOGY – Because of it’s patented 3 and 1 Synthetic Lubrication, Cleaner, And Preservative your guns will be cocking smoother, last longer, clean up easier and shooting more accurately. Period.
  • SYNTHETIC LUBRICATION –  Unlike Oil, the synthetic lubrication in G96 lasts 3x longer and will keep its form from -74 degrees all the way to over 400!
  • Good Enough For The Military, Good Enough For YOU!


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Get The G96 CLP LUBRICATING OIL The US Military Stands By…
  • Learn the 3 things You Should NEVER OIL on a gun, with the reason why, even though 95% of gun owners do it.
  • Learn to spot ” Recoil Damage,” in stage 1 so you can make sure your gun last forever.  (use the “on hand preservative trick,”  to reverse it.
  • Learn each part of the gun, and the proper break down and set up, to clean and oil your gun spotless in less then 5 minutes.
  • Learn the “ON THE RANGE 1 HAND RELOAD,” just because it looks awesome to others, and can come in handy if you only have one hand while hunting, or in a war like scenario.
  • Learn It All From An Off The Grid, Highly Decorated Army Officer, That Does Not Have His Name Out There, PURPOSELY.
  • And So Much More…

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